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From Paradox to Paradigm

I sought out to create a brand that was the manifestation of my ego, spirit, and lifestyle. I consider myself to be Haute Mess of things. Spiritual, slightly-religious, whole-lotta-righteous,  dose of bare-footed bohemian hippy, topped off with the occasional fierce stiletto, and afro puff wig, type of woman. And that’s just it, when I do whatever makes my heart skip a beat in any given moment, the result is always raw joy. This is my template for living life fulfilled.

The other half of the story are the scars I’ve endured as a woman. I’ll spare you the violins, and I’m sure my background is similar to many others. But what’s important is how I’ve learned to cope and elevate above my negative experiences (deep depression, severe anxiety, stress, blah, blah). I’m not going to lie, often times a glass of red wine and a greasy burrito will be my go to  band-aid for many things in life. But, I found true healing (and less burrito & wine binging), in the natural and holistic products and routines I chose to adopt, and now, share with you all.

So I encourage you to do the same, to find the courage to live unapologetically liberated, and explore some of the tools and products you’ll see on this site to aid you in doing so. Please share your story with us, we love to chat!

Stay Blessed & Live Liberated!


Live Liberated.

The Hallelujah Hippie, modern holistic lifestyle brand—is a multi-brand emporium focused on holistic health and wellness. Through harnessing the pillars of ancient wisdom and global cultural practices; we aim to cultivate a knowledge-sharing, consciously-aware, holistic community seeking the world’s best kept secrets of beauty + longevity.

Our curational buying ensures every brand and product selected has a story, relevance to our ethos and falls within our spectrum of elevating the mind, body, and soul. We also create our own products to fulfill niche needs. Explore our luxury Ayurvedic feminine care line ‘YONI BERRY’;  modern skincare line proliferated from proven beauty practices among various cultures across the globe; a practical line of cosmic spirit-cleansing essentials; and our limited-edition range of modern boho fashion accessories.

Join us in our pursuit.  Elevate yourself. Explore a new way of living liberated. Educate yourself, know better, then do better. Become a beacon of love, light, good health, and positivity.

Owner. Founder. Mama. Creative Director. Beacon of Good Vibes

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